Thank you so much for being interested in learning about our rescue dogs!

The dogs we rescue come from many different situations. Some were abandoned on the streets, others were dumped at local city or county shelters, abandoned by their owners and left to die, and some were given to us by Animal Control because they were former evidence dogs in cruelty cases. Because we have an on-site trainer, we are able to try to rehabilitate even the most “broken” dogs. Sometimes it takes these dogs a long time to rehabilitate and be ready for forever homes, and some of our dogs never learn to trust humans enough to be placed and stay with us for the rest of their lives. Every dog is an individual and we do our best for each and every one of them. We never give up on a dog or euthanize because they aren’t “adoptable”.

We have many wonderful Pit Bulls and Pit Bull mix type dogs at our rescue. Because there is a huge misconception about the breed, and because so many people prefer other breeds when adopting, many of our dogs wait for years without any adoption interest. We would love to be able to get some exposure for our rescue and the work we do, and for our dogs. Both so that we can find homes for our great dogs, and so we can get some more supporters and have the ability to improve our facility and therefore the quality of life that our dogs have. 

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