What is SpreadSpirit?

Our online system allows you to create custom tees for individual or group shipping, with the ability to collect funds from a group or large number if individual online purchases.  Each person can pay for the order online, and we ship you a check once your campaign target is reached.

T-Shirt Fundraising in a Few Steps

Fundraising for a group, organization, or charity? No problem! You tell us where the money goes, and we’ll make sure it gets there safely. Or we can disperse the funds directly to you—whatever you want.

SpreadSpirit makes fundraising and group t-shirt ordering convenient and fun, without costing you a single penny upfront.  Simply create or upload a design on a garment, or on multiple garments, choose multiple color options, and set your goals.  

Include a compelling story in your campaign, launch, and share the link.  Be sure to take advantage of your email list, social media, and various methods to ensure people get access to easily purchase your custom goods.

Group Ordering - We Collect Funds & Ship For You

Putting together a t-shirt order for a large group of people can be daunting. The thought of spending hours emailing, phone calling, and texting your way to correct sizes, quantities, colors, designs, and styles is enough to make most people nauseous.

Never even mind collecting all the cash—Venmo? PayPal? What?

With SpreadSpirit, the new interactive crowdfunding platform from Rush Order Tees, we make group orders comprehensive, incredibly easy, and 100% RISK FREE. Just create a design, launch your campaign, and share it with your group—friends, coworkers, followers, etc., and leave the rest to us.

We collect payment and order information, and then print, fulfill, and ship every order. You save time, cost, and probably a few grey hairs.